No images or styles?

I'm not sure if this should go in Install/Configuration or here?

I just installed isws and the ruby-lsapi gem. I have been using mongrel for months with no problems. I have a small rails web site(50 pages) already running for about 4 months. I'm ready to deploy.

I set up lsws per Bob S.'s video and the Ruby on Rails Easy Conf wiki. Though they are somewhat out of date and don't match the current lsws interface.

It is serving web pages but I am not getting any images or stylesheet information. My pages look like the old text only web pages of yesteryear except they don't even have colored text!

The html source looks fine to me..

I know this was many years ago now, and I hate to necro the thread, but happen to remember what file needed permissions changed or such? I am having this same issue.