Not ignoring user aborts. Help.

Discussion in 'General' started by kiladila, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Hello, i have faced problem after moving to Litespeed web server. We have using script who streaming files from remote server to client and sometimes users aborting transfers BUT after closing browser or transload cancel our server still executing request, PHP have setting: ignore_user_abort and it's set to Off it should NOT ignore user abort, but it's seams not working...Before lite speed i have used apache and had no problems with this.
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    please refer this post:

    I think this is similar with your case -- litespeed works in this case but I guess the php script need some modification -- for example, when request a file on remote server, not the whole file, but only a piece of file each time, and send to the client the pieces.
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    Server dead after php idling - ignoring user abort.

    I'm using litespeed on my few project, one of theme sends user lots of data with periodical time, problem: it ignores user abort (browser disconnect):

    Test case:

    echo str_replace("testtesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttesttest<br />\n",128);


    user open test.php 30times, uses F5 and ESC, then open test2.php

    test2.php never loads for anyone!, all websites on that accunt are frozen, only way to get it back is to set "max php realtime work" but that will kill good working process, periodical restart server or Kill all lsphp.

    Version 4.1.11
    PHP 5.3.8

    How to kill php process on browser abort?
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    how does it work under apache ?

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