Opencart 3.0.X Search cache and Tag cache


Im new with litespeed and happy with it

I want to get all the search results and tags from the cache to stop again querring the whole database

If i search an product in opencart we get a long waiting time to become an result.
the second search with the same keyword needs no time because it was cached thats a great solution.

how can i handle it to cache all search urls and tags ?
im looking for Precaching befor we search or click the urls ?

in LiteSpeed Cache Extension / Cache Settings / ESI Modules is the ESI Module Route

where are the data stored? or exsample

ESI Module Name ESI Module Route ESI Type ESI TTL (second) ESI Tag

product/search product/search="searchword" <- ?

I need to speed up all searchs and tags

thanks in advance


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LiteSpeed cache is full page cache, not database cache. I don't think you can do search cache through LiteSpeed cache plugin for opencart.

You might consider using redis to speed up the database process, but it is not part of LiteSpeed product and you should consult redis support