Opencart Proper Permissions for Litespeed from DSO

Hello! I'm currently running a trial license and having problems setting permissions up properly. What are the proper permissions I need to set for opencart stores to work properly under litespeed?

I'm going from DSO to litespeed. Under DSO, I currently have ownership set as user:nobody and certain files are from nobody:nobody. I tried disabling suEXEC in litespeed but that didn't help.. please advise.



check on runtime to ensure
1, lsphp are running as nobody
#ps -ef|grep lsphp

2. nobody has write permission on document root tree
#ls -ald /home/user/public_html


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Thank you, it's working properly now. I must've not restarted litespeed when I disabled suEXEC.

I have another question, if I want to enable suEXEC, what ownership permissions would I need to set?

Is it user:user with files 644 and folders 755?


just enable it.
ownership / permission is managed by WHM/cPanel, in general you don't need manually set anything.
litespeed just follow cPanel's rules.