openssl 0.9.7h or 9.8a?

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by joe, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. ianchov

    ianchov Member

    i agree on that!

    As i said i will using litespeed on a Production FreeBsd 6.0 on a couple of weeks..

    If the problem with the SSL persist i will use stunnel to port 443(i have tried that) but as you know, guys, this is a temporary solution..

    I hope someone fix that...

    Ooops and the signal that litespeed is exiting on with SSL turned on is: 11
  2. elvis7

    elvis7 Member

    hi. I also upgraded my system to freebsd6, actualy i don't know really why, everything was running perfect on freebsd5.4. But I don't want to change back, it's takes too much time :(
    If i knew that there would be so much truble with lsws and freebsd6, I wouldn't upgraded.
    I get few errors in lsws, like
    WARN sysctl: Failed to set 'kern.sugid_coredump', core dump may not be available!

    And restart function doesn't work. It only stops the server, doesn't start.

    And one more problem, I tried to import old config xml files of virtual hosts, but I can't make more than one virtual host, I get this error:

    2006-01-25 11:19:03.625 ERROR HttpListener::start(): Can't listen at address pma: Address already in use!
    2006-01-25 11:19:03.625 ERROR HttpServer::addListener(pma) failed to create new listener
    2006-01-25 11:19:03.625 ERROR [config:server:listener:pma] failed to start listener on address *:80!
    2006-01-25 11:19:03.647 ERROR [config:vhost:pma] Path of document root contains symbolic link or ownership does not match:/home/www/adminphp/
    2006-01-25 11:19:03.647 ERROR [config:vhost:pma] configuration failed!
  3. joe

    joe Well-Known Member

    It sounds like did a real upgrade from 5.4 ->6.0 on the same box? Bad mojo maybe. My 6.0 was a fresh install without Apache running.

    Based on your errors, do you have httpd running on port 80?
  4. elvis7

    elvis7 Member

    i did also fresh install of freebsd6. And no, I don't have apache running.

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