Paid consulting hours for setting up Ghost blog on my litespeed?


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Hi Litespeed Team,

I would like to purchase paid consulting hours to setup Ghost blog for one of my vhost domains. I have not been able to figure this out on my own (And I am pretty technical).

I am using litespeed (paid, latest version) and CentOS 7 which a bit of non standard setup for Ghost. Ghost usually has nginx and Ubuntu.

I worked with Jackson last time for consulting help and he was awesome.

Is this request something the litespeed team can help with? Please let me know and if so I'll purchase 1/hr of consulting for $150.


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Sure. We can certainly help. Not sure there is any special rewrite for ghost or not, but in general it should be working fine with LSWS. Yes, you can purchase 1/hr of consulting for $150, or you can just login a ticket with us and provide tmp root ssh login and requirement so that we can work on your server first, then issue an invoice afterward. It is up to. Either way is fine with us.