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    Hello, Litespeed folks. As I'm sure you are aware, Litespeed is listed as the host for the domain, which has been at the center of a huge controversy involving the Church of Scientology for the past week or so. (See: for more information.) Today, the site is down. The question on everyone's mind is simply: is the site down because of overuse, or did Scientology representatives contact Litespeed and request that the site be taken down?

    Thank you for your time.
  2. ts77

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    Litespeed is a webserver *software*, not a host. therefore you will have to contact the real host or site owner.
  3. felosi

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    That is on one of my management client's server. Litespeed did not have the site disabled, I dont think it is against any of their terms. It seems to be just a wki. BUT when the client had that site moved onto the server I had advised them into removing a lot of the content.

    This being said, i wouldnt count on that site being on that server or network very long, I would almost guarantee a terms violation from either the network or litespeed itself. Then again, That cult may go threatening legal action on everyone. So I would say partyvan's days on that server is numbered

    The reason the site was down on and off the other day was simply large attacks and that wiki is a resource hog so it had to be disabled a few times until the attacks were brought under control

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