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    Being a long time user of LiteSpeed Web Server, we would like to consider using the LiteSpeed Load Balancer.

    A few questions if I may:

    a) Is 200Mbps an obtainable throughput from LSWB?

    b) If yes, is a Intel Xeon-SandyBridge E3-1270-Quadcore [3.4GHz] with 4GB RAM and two 750GB 7200 SATA Discs in RAID 1 (on a 512k cache, 1.2 ghz Adaptec Controller), with 1000Mbps ports, enough to push out 200Mbps?

    We would like to replace our current Citrix NetScaler VPX with LSLB if possible.

    Thank you for any info or suggestions you may have.
  2. mistwang

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    There should not be any problem with pushing 200Mbps.
    Load balancer only need faster CPU (multi-core does not matter now), enough memory and faster NICs. disk performance is not required.

    I think your server should be able to push 500Mbps easily.

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