php 5.2.10 libpng.(a|so) not found.

Discussion in 'PHP' started by tomb, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. tomb

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    We're considering Litespeed for one of our production servers. We've successfully installed litespeed Standard under MacOS 10.5.7 (Intel).

    I've tried to install the latest PHP version 5.2.10 within the web admin console, but it always fails with configure: error: libpng.(a|so) not found.

    It's a fresh test system with a blank os x server installation. What do I have to do get php 5.2.10 working with Litespeed?
  2. robfrew

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    The error you are seeing is not a Litespeed issue but rather a PHP compiling issue. This means whether you use LSWS or not, if you try to compile PHP on your system, it may fail. This is because you do not have some of the required development libraries on your system for some of the configuration options you have chosen during the PHP build.

    In this case, you are most likely missing the libpng development library. You may also be missing the libjpg library. This is explained here:

    Here is a direct link for a combo installer for both packages for mac os x: (universal).dmg

    Good luck.
  3. tomb

    tomb Member

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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