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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by jailbird, May 27, 2005.

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    I've been using cgi_buffer.php via auto_prepend on my server, due to it's support for ETag. I noticed on my dev box that if I compile PHP 4.3.11 using LS API support, that some of my scripts just stop working while cgi_buffer is enabled. It doesn't happen on all of the scripts, and disabling cgi_buffer and/or recompiling PHP using FastCGI solves the problem. I've produced it using both APC and Turck.

    When it happens, PHP doesn't seem to crash. If I truss the process and then run the script, lseek() seems to return a EBADF and the PHP seems to call exit().

    This is on a Sun Ultra 5 running Solaris 8 + the latest Maintenance Update + the latest Recommend Patch Cluster. PHP was compiled using gcc 2.95.4 snapshot (basically 2.95.3 + fixes).

    The cgi_buffer.php script is basically stock, except I've had to rename the gzEncode() function to prevent conflicts.
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    Sweet, I'll try it when I get to work tomorrow. I had one other related problem, but I won't remember what it was or what I did to fix it until I look at it tomorrow also :).

    Man that was fast. Do you guys ever sleep? :)

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