PHP handler is different from what was already on the system

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by DavidPesta, May 22, 2006.

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    One more problem to solve, probably another easy one.

    I had recompiled PHP to include needed extensions like domxml, eaccelerator, etc before installing litespeed. I wanted PHP to work with litespeed so I said "yes" to the PHP handler in the litespeed installation procedure. (Awesome user friendly installation by the way!)

    Now, the phpinfo test that is run via the litespeed server seems to be some sort of parallel PHP installation separate from my original PHP installation. It doesn't show eaccelerator, domxml or the other things I had for the original. But when I run a phpinfo program from the command line directly, the eaccelerator and domxml is still there. So there must be two PHPs on the system.

    How can I get litespeed server to tap into the original PHP that I installed?

  2. xing

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    The problem you have is actually several parts:

    1) The php binary that is part of the install process will only read php.ini from /lswsinstall/conf/php.ini. Most likely, your other php binary is reading the php.ini from a totally different location.

    Check our wiki for details how to compile your own php for LiteSpeed:

    2) The php that comes with the installer is version 4.4.2. Your eacc, etc, other extensions must be compiled to this version or it will not load.

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