PHP LiteSpeed SAPI from php sources?

Discussion in 'PHP' started by Druciak, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Is the version of php lsapi from;a=tree;f=sapi/litespeed is up to date?

    On the it says:
    "Note: LSAPI 5.5 is shipped with PHP source from PHP 5.3 onward. This step can be skipped if you build PHP 5.3 or above."

    but the web server uses lsapi sources from
    Preparing all source code for building PHP 5.4.4 with LSAPI
    php-5.4.4.tar.gz already downloaded, use the saved copy.
    Extracting PHP source archive: tar -zxf php-5.4.4.tar.gz
    Retrieving LSAPI from
    Extracting LSAPI archive: tar -xzf php-litespeed-5.5.tgz
    Finished gathering all source code for building PHP 5.4.4
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    When i use clean php sources and build php
    [builder@testserver php-5.4.6]$ ./configure --with-litespeed
    [builder@testserver php-5.4.6]$ make

    looks OK
    [builder@testserver php-5.4.6]$ sapi/litespeed/php -i | grep LiteSpeed
    Server API => LiteSpeed V5.5

    when i try use php sources + lsapi from litespeed
    [builder@testserver php-5.4.6]$ cd sapi/
    [builder@testserver sapi]$ wget
    [builder@testserver sapi]$ tar -zxf php-litespeed-5.5.tgz
    [builder@testserver sapi]$ cd ..
    [builder@testserver php-5.4.6]$ touch ac*
    [builder@testserver php-5.4.6]$ ./buildconf --force
    [builder@testserver php-5.4.6]$ ./configure --with-litespeed

    i have error
    make: *** No rule to make target `litespeed', needed by `all'. Stop.

    I'm confused.
    I do not know what to do then.
    Lsapi version from php source works, does not work from LiteSpeed ​​web site.
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    The LSAPI source tarball downloaded from litespeedtech website is not for 5.4. There is a tweaking in the compile php script in Admin Console to work around this. If you build php from source manually, you REALLY should use the LSAPI comes with the PHP package as wiki pointed out.

    btw, looks like;a=tree;f=sapi/litespeed IS up to date.
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  5. webizen

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    LiteSpeed​​ developers
  6. Druciak

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    Can you check LiteSpeed SAPI in php sources?
    For me php 5.4.17 haslsapi v5.5 not 6.2.

    Can you upgrade lsapi in sources php 5.4.x and check version in php 5.5.x ?
  7. webizen

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    step back a bit. just to be clear: we submit the package to the PHP team. they will update the php source when they see fit.

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