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Discussion in 'Feedback/Feature Requests' started by AndrewT, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. AndrewT

    AndrewT Well-Known Member

    My thread from long ago in the PHP forum here has been ignored so I thought I'd officially post a feature request here.

    We need support for additional extensions to be used with PHP suexec. The ones currently available are inadequate.

    More details in last few posts of other thread:
  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    4.0.17 release added php53 suffix, removed php3 suffix, should be enough for current available PHP releases.
  3. AndrewT

    AndrewT Well-Known Member

    Great, thanks!
  4. Tony

    Tony Well-Known Member

    4.1 updated for php53 suffix?
  5. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Yes, 4.1RC3 build has been updated as well.

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