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    I seem to be having a strange problem with running PHP in SuEXEC mode. I have created a new virtual host which is using the "ExtApp Set UID Mode" of "DocRoot UID". I created a new user and group (zoom:zoom) for the virtual host and then added the lsws user to it's group. I also did a chmod 770 on the entire virtual host's directory.. I wrote a tiny script to exec whoami to see if I was running as the virtualhost user I defined. The problem is the script echoes that I'm lsws user and the virtualhost user. Did I forgot to activate something????

    I looked at the shared hosting security item on the wiki and it's exactly what I'm doing. However, it's still showing me as the lsws user and not my virtualhost user????

    Enable Scripts/ExtApps Yes
    Restrained Yes
    ExtApp Set UID Mode DocRoot UID
    ExtApp Chroot Mode Same As Server
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    You need to define a vhost level php external app and script handler.
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    That was it.. Thanks mistwang

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