Please Read Me Before Posting New Bug Report


LiteSpeed Staff
LiteSpeed is about performance and quality and we have a strong record on quick turn-arounds of confirmed bug reports.

However, we have discovered from experience that a lot of time is wasted in getting the proper diagnostic/configuration information from bug reporters. Without the proper info, bug reports are notoriously difficult to confirm and fix.

To ensure that bug reports are correctly and expediately investigated, please submit the following, when relevant, with your report:

1) OS type and Version. If using 64bit OS, please note as such.

2) LiteSpeed Version (Version Number + Model: Standard/Enterprise)

3) If PHP related: PHP version and interface of choice: FCGI, CGI, or LSAPI.

4) All possible related info that you observed before and after, the bug occurred. There more info LiteSpeed developers have, the faster we can resolve your issues.

5) If you can reproduce the bug, please detail what the steps are.

6) Note any errors logged in error.log and stderr.log of LiteSpeed logs directory.

7) Check /tmp/lshttpd for "core dumps"/core files. If you see any core files, please copy the the core(s) to an web accessible directory and email the url to in addition to the fourm bug post. For security reasons, please do not post core dump link in the forum.
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