Problem with home page image slider PS1.7.6


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I experience Home image slider issue. ( default theme)
When LS is enabled home slider is working for about few hours, then disappearing from home page.
To temporary fix this issue I have to flush cache under LS back to normal but obviously only for few hours.

Please help!!
when Lite speed cache is in debug mode or its disabled its ok, then most likely issue is with LS. Maybe it require changes in configuration in customisation tab as UE cookie module. Any ideas


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Your slider module may try to retrieve some vartiables but failed from the cached page (for non cache page, it may be ok). then the module code will need to be investigated and possibly modified to avoid such failure.


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I'm not developer then I do not know what to looking for. Is there any settings on LS to do not cache 1st page to avoid this issue.


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Is there any settings on LS to do not cache 1st page to avoid this issue.
Cache plugin for PrestaShop doesn't have any functions to exclude specific pages/URLs from beeing cached, but you can solve your issue in an indirectly way.

In cache plugin settings add new ESI block and select "ps-imageslider" modul, if this is the slider you use for your page. Set "is privat" to "No". Set "TTL" time to the value slider works, e.a. 1800 seconds or maybe longer. That's it and should work, but didn't test it.


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If the way I described how image slider can get work doesn't work for, you must decide what you prefer. LiteSpeed or image slider? You can't get both, because LiteSpeed has currently no time to care abou any fixes or workarounds. This is an official statement from the LiteSpeed vice president.