Problem with one of the virtual hosts!

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by Mr_Parham, Feb 12, 2013.

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    For past two days I noticed that one of my websites on my server keep going down, in that time it seems like litespeed just don't answer to any request that is for that virtual host (That specific domain) so I was wondering if litespeed limit the number of connections for a specific VH somewhere in settings

    Last night when I was facing this problem the number of the connections was about 7K, 2.5K was for one website and all of the rest was for the website which no one could access except the people who were downloading from it.

    PS - On that time EAProc WaitQ was 0 for all of the websites and as I said the other websites were working perfectly fine and I'm using cpanel and 4 core license

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    Real-Time Statistics

    After keeping an eye on the server it seems like something is happening to the entire litespeed webserver because when I can't access the virtual host that I have problem with Real-Time Statistics dosn't load up any of the number on the page either!!
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    Another update :)

    I removed litespeed and reinstalled it again so I can be sure that is nothing wrong with my settings, looking at Real-Time Statistics now every few minutes the domian name that I used to have problem seems like stop working (Req in Processing become 0) but the rest of the users still work as they should
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    I just found these two in log files

    2013-02-12 18:33:17.028 ERROR IntercommData::eek:nTimer(), request takes too long, fd: 88, buffered: 0, end this request.
    2013-02-12 18:33:19.005 ERROR IntercommData::eek:nTimer(), request takes too long, fd: 76, buffered: 0, end this request.

    I have no idea what they are but they turned up when the website was not accessable

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