Probleme with facetedsearch

Hello, I have a problem on my prestashop since the activation of Litespeed.
On the product list page, the facet filter (colors, price ...) no longer gives results.
When you click on one of the elements, nothing happens.

Is it possible to fix the problem?


Staff member
Does the facet filter come from a prestashop module? What's name of the module? Any screenshot to show the problem?
Hello, I was able to solve my problem by creating exeptions on GET parameters (q, from-xhr).
But I had trouble finding these parameters and for some module I did not find them. So I deleted / replaced them.
It would be interesting to have a tutorial on this approach.
Otherwise the module is that of prestashop (ps_facetedsearchv.2.2.0).
You will see the module at this address for example
Thank you