production.log not written - any hint ?


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My app runs perfectly fine, except I cannot get any input in log/production.log.

My app (and dispatch.lsapi) are owned by a given user:group, and the log folder (+ production.log) are writable to this user.

If that matters, the log folder is a symlink, as I'm using Capistrano.

Any idea where I could have done wrong ?

I pretty much expect it's a permission issue - I just cannot spot it.

-- Thibaut


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How about parent directories?
You can try command like

sudo -u <user_name> echo "test" > log/production.log

see if you can do that.


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Getting back to this server after a while, I still met this issue.

I found out though (thanks to this article) this:

"make sure you check lsws/logs/stderr.log, where the more obscure errors are reported."

And indeed, there is an error in there!

Is there some way to redirect STDERR to the rails log instead, to keep all the app logs in one place ?

thank you