Proxy or AJP - JBoss AS/Tomcat

Discussion in 'Java JSP/Servlet' started by SoreGUms, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. SoreGUms

    SoreGUms Active Member

    JBoss AS is essentially Tomcat so interchange as you will.

    Does anyone have any comments that would offer some insight on using LiteSpeed as the frontend to a JBoss/Tomcat server in both:
    - complexity in configuration (considerations)
    - performance (should be better then apache regardless right?)


    Some Background information:
    I might be switching from Joomla CMS to OpenEdit as I'm running into problems of granularity of the way things work in Joomla. Since OpenEdit is a Java app you need a container to run it in. Also I'm going to be creating JBoss Seam applications eventually, that's why I'm choosing JBoss AS over plain Tomcat (which does work with Seam... but you know) :)
  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    They are about the same configuration and performance wise, pick the one you like.
  3. tomaz

    tomaz New Member

    I would go with AJP if I were you.

    You can use AJP to squeeze some extra requests per second, but it is harder to debug, but not a problem for you since Java application server also has HTTP interface to the application. Also since AJP is not HTTP protocol it could be more secure, because all you do is map everything to an application.

    I would go with AJP if I were you.
  4. teegogy09

    teegogy09 Member

    Proxy or AJP JBoss AS/Tomcat

    thx for the reply,
    I think it would be Service Pack only, because this question was asked in the interview, like he asked which SP do you use for your Tomcat but when I asked what is SP he dint told it clearly like he said Service and I could not catch the word he pronouced with P.

    any way thx.....
  5. Mak_AlEp

    Mak_AlEp New Member

    Proxy or AJP JBoss AS/Tomcat

    if you have got reply to your question about the Tomcat Native Library location? thanks

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