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Is it possible to purge all pages upon saving any component or module?

The 'Purge All on Plugin Update' setting is enabled. However, we have to use the 'Purge LightSpeed Cache' button to view the updates on the article as they're still cached.

Applies for multiple extensions, but for example:

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Apparently, LiteSpeed forgot a description in the cache plugin for Joomla 4 that describes what the Web Interface Secure Words are needed for. You can use the "Web Interface Secure Words" to purge the cache by requesting the URL shown in the image below. To do this, replace {securewords} with your own secure words.

That message is showing for me too, just missed it off the screenshot. Can you clarify how this would be used to purge the cache after saving modules and components?

I've also tried using the 'Exclude Components' option, but this doesn't seem to work for me.

Appreciate your help with this as we have many clients websites we'd like to use your extension for. It would be great if they saw their updates instantly when adding new content.

The plugins are third party, so we don't have access to manage the URL call, it would need to be automatic globally.

It's unfortunate that the 'Exclude Components' option doesn't work and there's no workaround for this.

Thanks for your time and suggestions.


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Unfortunately, I don't know which function "Exclude Components" has, but this designation does not imply that you can use it to automatically purge the cache if it is necessary to purge the cache for whatever actions. This is especially true for 3rd plugins/modules. Surely it would be convenient if this function existed. Since this is not the case, you have to manually purge the cache using the URL shown and write a feature request to LiteSpeed.


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FYI: The function you need does not necessarily have to be included in the cache plugin for Joomla, as it is only about triggering certain actions. Such a trigger function can also be a standalone function. You have informed LiteSpeed about the feature request on different channels, but as you know, wishes often do not come true or it takes a very long time for your request to be fulfilled. Experience has shown that feature requests are rarely fulfilled. That's why you should look for an alternative. So look for a plugin developer for Joomla who can probably fulfill your wish faster.