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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by rahg0zar, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. rahg0zar

    rahg0zar Member

    I get a lot of QUIC warning messages
    How can I fixed it?
    [QUIC:4492256252735914249] mini-conn: destroyed. Diagnostics: conn flags: 0x20078, mc flags: 0x52, incoming-history (trunc: 0) 1,2,3,4, received: F, sent: FF, lost: 1F, deferred: 0, still-deferred: 0, dropped: 0, in-flight: E0, acked: 7, error_code: 0x3E, ticks: 5, lifetime: 149306 usec, mc hist: CKHS1N+T+L+T+KNL+T+KHsNKcf
    LiteSpeed V5.2.2 (Build 3)
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  2. Pong

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    It is only warning message. There is no harm and can be safely ignored.

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