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  1. rsilva

    rsilva Member

    Hi guys,

    Curious how you are setting the RAILS_ENV variable for rails when using the Rails support in LS2.2. I have code which checks ENV['RAILS_ENV'] that fails because it isn't set in the global environment. Testing shows that RAILS_ENV is set properly though. Why not use the ENV['RAILS_ENV']?

    Bob Silva
  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Hi Bob,

    Upgrade to the latest ruby-lsapi release should fix this. In earlier release, ENV['RAILS_ENV'] has been unset after initialization, not any more. :)

    Please make sure do not mix manual and gem installation together, stick to one installation method only. I think the manual installation should have higher priority and override the gem installation.
  3. rsilva

    rsilva Member

    Good call, I still had a self compiled 1.7 being loaded. Thanks for the great support as usual.


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