Rake environment hosed - error on Rakefile

Discussion in 'Ruby/Rails' started by clem_c_rock, Jun 4, 2007.

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    Suddenly, my dev environment is completely destroyed. I have multiple projects and whenever I try to run any rake tasks I get an error on line 11 of my Rakefile.

    Here's the error:

    user$ rake
    (in /Users/user/near-time/some_site.net-trunk)
    rake aborted!
    can't convert nil into String

    and here's the code in Rakefile:

    require(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), 'config', 'boot'))
    # Define our default task before Rails can
    desc "Run all the tests on a fresh test database"
    task :default => [ 'db:migrate', :clone_structure_to_test, 'test:all' ]
    require 'rake'
    require 'rake/testtask'
    require 'rake/rdoctask'
    require 'tasks/rails'
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    We may not be able to help you much if it is not related to LSAPI.
    Maybe you can ask this question on corresponding news groups or email lists. :)

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