Reached per client hard connection limit configuration

I have something strange here.

In log I can see one IP address is banned because hit hard limit, what is ok:

2022-11-22 14:35:27.483614 [NOTICE] [1507710] [T0] [xx.xx.xx.xx] reached per client hard connection limit: 200, current: 200, close connection!
2022-11-22 14:35:27.483620 [WARN] [1507710] [T0] [xx.xx.xx.xx] bot detected for vhost [N/A], reason: OverConnHardLimit, block

but when I open LightSpeed configuration and check
Configuration -> Server -> Security

Connection Hard Limit is set to 100. Picture in attachment.

How this is possible and from where LiteSpeed using limit 200?

I checked, htaccess and vhost files and I didn't find it anywhere.