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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by robfrew, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. robfrew

    robfrew Well-Known Member

    It's been about 24 hours since we last updated 4.1 with the latest release (fixes, etc...) and all of a sudden, we are getting a lot of request time outs and 503 errors:

    POST request in process stage, fail with 503
    Request Timeout
    This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server. If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web site to increase 'Connection Timeout'. 
  2. webizen

    webizen Well-Known Member

    What's your current setting of connection timeout (admin console -> server -> tuning -> connections -> Connection Timeout (secs))? You may increase it to see any difference. Also, disable opcode cache if you have any running.
  3. robfrew

    robfrew Well-Known Member

    I have not increased timeout as it is the same as it's always been, 30 seconds. We do use Xcache as well but both of these have always worked fine prior to the 4.1 release. We've been using 4.1 release candidates up to rc4 without any issues for a long time.

    I rolled back to 4.1rc4 and the server is functioning properly again. Is there something in the final release version preventing us from using Xcache?
  4. robfrew

    robfrew Well-Known Member

    Found out a jr admin upgraded Xcache to the latest 1.3.2rc1. I rolled back to 1.3.1 just in case that is what was causing the issue since it is an RC. I'll post updates as I get them. Thanks.

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