[Resolved] LS Cache in cPanel far behind the latest version available on Wordpress.org?

Any reason why the latest version in cPanel/WHM is not showing the latest version available in Wordpress.org?

Right now WP is showing 1.1.5 and WHM is showing latest as being

Any idea why? And how to get the latest version showing in WHM as well?

Michael A

Staff member
Hi Crazy Serb,

We have our own separate list for what versions of our WordPress plugin we make available through the WHM plugin. This is usually to avoid putting up a version with known bugs and then having that version Mass Enabled across thousands of sites and suddenly causing trouble.

I've just updated our list to include v1.1.4 (skipping v1.1.3) and you should expect v1.1.5 to show up sometime next week if there are no big issues reported. Your WHM plugin should update the list within 24 hrs to include the new version.