[Resolved] PHP wont compile...

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by g00g, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. g00g

    g00g New Member

    virtual memory exhausted: Cannot allocate memory
    make: *** [Zend/zend_execute.lo] Error 1
    **ERROR** Could not compile PHP

    i keep getting that
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  2. g00g

    g00g New Member

    2GBs of RAM and 1GB of swap. theres still LOTs of RAM free.

    running deafult kernel

    i just cant explain the issue. :/
  3. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

    what's the error detail?

    when build PHP from lsws web admin console, locate the detail error by scroll to end of lower window.
  4. nix

    nix New Member

    i try to litesped on my local pc with 2gb ram..and try to recompile php from default to 5.3.1..all success like a charm..even i have to install manually for some dependencies asked for....
  5. g00g

    g00g New Member

    i think i found issue... ulimit issue... i just set everything to 99999. no idea why default values were too low

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