[Resolved] Web Admin Interface Not Working!!

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by vignes92, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. vignes92

    vignes92 New Member


    Im new to Litespeed. I installed Litespeed Webserver(4.0.16) in my server.After installation, I found Litespeed is running perfectly, But Admin interface(ipaddress:7080) is not opening/accessible. I dont know the reason. :confused:

    Im running CentOS 64 Bit, cloud linux kernal, CSF firewall.
    Additionally, there is no error.log file in litespeed logs directory.
    Please help me out.
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  2. meto

    meto New Member

    Have you opened ports in CSF?
  3. vignes92

    vignes92 New Member

    That works

    Hi, You rocks! Even such small thing didn't strike my mind. As I told before itself, Im a newbie.. Sorry and thanks for your help.

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