restarts automatically to fix 503 Errors

Discussion in 'General' started by stairmaster, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. stairmaster

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    I sometimes get this message emailed to me
    "LiteSpeed Web server on restarts automatically to fix 503 Errors"

    This email occurs when I run some indexing software (not on the same machine as litespeed) that requests lots of pages from the server. It downloads about 10,000 files / hr.

    I have recently upgraded from a 2 to a 4 cpu license. I've got 4 cpus for litespeed to work with.

    When I go to my web server and look at the load in 'top' its getting up to 8 at peak periods. This is about the same performance as when we had a 2 cpu license. I think its around this load that I receive the 503 error emails.

    I think its utilising all 4 cpus. In Cpanels 'Process Manager' I see 5 x litespeed (lshttpd)

    If I go to litespeeds 'realtime log viewer' the average amount of requests / second is about 150 and the average amount of requests in-processing is about 30.

    Is this too much for my setup of litespeed to handle?

    What can I do to help it out?
  2. webizen

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    if EAProc WaitQ in real-time stats stays close to 0, then litespeed is fine. As the pop-up of auto fix 503 error stats:
    so you should look at error_log and see what (likely php script) caused 503 error and why.

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