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Discussion in 'General' started by AWI, Jun 8, 2018.

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    is the enterprise version able to support reverse proxy and load balancing with sticky session cookies (like JSESSIONID)? From the discussion in one of the forums I know that the open source version is not supporting sticky session cookies. If the enterprise version is able to handle them: It is possible to define the cookie name?
    Thanks, Andreas
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    Only LiteSpeed ADC can do that , both enterprise and openlitespeed are stateless.

    These are advantage of ADC, you could give it a try :)
    • the ability to choose different algorithms (including round-robin, least load, and least sessions)
    • the ability to specify session ID string and session timeout
    • the ability to insert tracking cookies
    • High Scalability, High Availability IP failover, Cross Datacenter Replication, Cache Data Synchronization and out-of-the box acceleration for Magento and Wordpress, and other features that make LiteSpeed Web ADC the best-of-breed solution on the market
    Best regards
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    You are right! Litespeed is the best load balancer and it has many features as well

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