RubyMine or VS Code + extension(s) for debugging?

I've been a VS code-using Ruby/Rails dev for a few years now and I honestly have somehow been able to get by without using a true debugger, doing my testing primarily in our dev/test environments, and know this is a HUGE gap in my toolbox as a software engineer. I have been wanting to learn RubyMine for a while now, but honestly would much rather prefer to stick with VS Code if the debugging is pretty on par with RubyMine now, but I'm not sure what "on par" would be since I don't really know how to debug at all (at least not with breakpoints/etc.).

So I thought I would ask all the pros here, what's your opinion/experience on using either for your day-to-day Ruby development? Is there an extension(s) out there that make VS Code just as good as a full IDE, or is RubyMine basically the standard ?
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