Saving core dump to non-volatile directory

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    One of my customers had a very bad LS crash today (v4.0.11) and received 75 warnings by email :

    At [11/Jan/2010:15:10:01 +0000], web server with pid=34503 received unexpected 
    signal=11, a core file is created. 
    A new instance of web server will be started automatically!
    If the call stack information does not show up here, 
    please compress 
    and forward the core file located in /tmp/lshttpd/.

    However, by the time I was informed and could connect to their server, they rebooted it !! So, no more core files, they are all gone :(

    All I have left is a single line in error.log :
    2010-01-11 15:16:33.101 [WARN] [AutoRestarter] forking too frequently, suspend for a while!
    Wouldn't it be a good idea to save those files to a non-volatile dir instead of /tmp ?
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    You can configure the core file location with

    or corresponding sysctl directive.

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