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Discussion in 'General' started by Sheriff, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Sheriff

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    I am running LSWS Enterprise on a VPS with WHM / CPanel and experiencing a persistant problem with extremely slow initial page loading with PHP. I've built PHP 5.3.2 through the LS administration console with the 'mysqlnd' adapter and eAccelerator but it hasn't improved the situation. For example, a fresh installation of Wordpress loads in under 10 seconds according to Firebug with Apache 2, however, switching to Litespeed increases the initial page load to over 24 seconds with 20.87 attributed waiting for a response. Any suggestions as to how I could figure out what's going on?.
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  3. Sheriff

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    It went through and checked / repaired all MySQL databases, restarted mysqld but first site I tried running Wordpress took 25 seconds to respond so it didn't change anything.

    This issue doesn't happen with static content, normal pages load fast as to be expected and PHP scripts are fast once the script has loaded but the initial loading on a site is magnitudes slower than Apache. It's almost as if Litespeed is halting or having difficulties starting a lsphp5 process.
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    may need rebuild php

    you can download 4.0.16 and build php 5.3.3. if still problem, I can login your server and strace lsphp5 process to find where it "halt"

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