[solved] Cannot find configuration options!

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by bettinz, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. bettinz

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    Hello, I've used Litespeed in the past 2 years, and everything works correctly.
    But Today, I've recompiled my Php with EasyApache. At the end, the box show php version and other drop down empty. Ok, no problem.
    So, i've opened litespeed, but when I click on "Build matching PHP Binary", it says:

    Cannot find configuration options!

    If I start litespeed, it works with previous configuration (old php 5.3.17).
    Before EasyApache, I've switched from Litespeed to Apache, because I've disabled the Easyapache integration (some problems in the past).

    Can you help me to fix this problem?


    PS: My version is 4.1.12. I know it's not the last, but yesterday litespeed recompile option works without problem :(
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  3. bettinz

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    Hello, my problem is not resolved by the link you posted yesterday.
    I've contacted cPanel, because in Php and Suexec configuration I can't see anything. They tell me it's a known bug, and I can solve by adding more memory in Tweak settings (default is 256MB, now is 384). After this change, the compiling via Litespeed works.

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