[solved] Downloads are slow from Litespeed webserver compare to apache

Discussion in 'General' started by james2a, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. james2a

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    I have "Litespeed Web Server Enterprise v4.1.13" installed on a server with 100MB/s port. Problem is that download of large static files like an iso image wont go above 4MB/s.

    After doing lot of tests i installed apache on same server on port 81, and download from apache can easily go up to 11 MB/s.

    I also tried apache on same port 80 with different IP and it still can go up to 11 MB/s. But downloads from litespeed wont go over 4 MB/s.

    There is no bandwidth throttling at OS or network level. And litespeed is already setup to use "SendFile()". What else i can check ??

    Thanks for any help.


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  2. webizen

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    To help troubleshoot, either provide your server environment info or pm temporary ssh root access and how to reproduce the issue.
  3. james2a

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    thanks, i sent you some details in pm
  4. webizen

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    noted. will update the thread.
  5. james2a

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    Since i have a paid license, is there any proper way to get support than sending pms and get some very basic suggestions without any much help in several weeks ?

    Was it a wrong decision to use litespeed webserver while Apache has no such issue as i mentioned in my first post?

  6. webizen

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    it is not apple to apple comparison since apache doesn't take traffic.

    Per your below feedback, it is more of a network throughput (bottleneck) issue for remote download.

  7. james2a

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    And the bottleneck is only for litespeed, Not for apache ? strange. I already sent you download link of apache and litespeed. Both on same server.
  8. james2a

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    Actually changing to default values you provided works great. Now its download speed is 11 mbps. Thanks

    Send Buffer Size (bytes) 0
    Receive Buffer Size (bytes) 0
    I/O Event Dispatcher best (All platforms)
    Max Cached Small File Size (bytes) 4096
    Total Small File Cache Size (bytes) 20M
    Max MMAP File Size (bytes) 256K
    Total MMAP Cache Size (bytes) 40M
    Use sendfile() Yes
    Use Asynchronized disk I/O (AIO) Yes
    AIO Block Size 1M

    Thanks again for the help.

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