Some Litespeed newbie questions

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by PSS, Jun 10, 2007.

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    I'm trying out Litespeed Web Server Enterprise v3.1.1.

    1. is PHP and APC & Eaccelerator updated with Litespeed updates and vice versa: when there is a new PHP 4 version, is Litespeed updated?

    2. On RHEL 5 64-bit:

    [root@main web]# /opt/lsws/admin/misc/
    Binary for 64 bits linux is not available, you need to build your own binary.

    Please select from the following third party opcode cache for PHP

    0. No Cache
    1. Alternative PHP Cache (APC)
    2. eAccelerator

    Please select (0-2) [1]? 1

    What does "Binary for 64 bits linux is not available, you need to build your own binary." mean? The acceleration selection works fine and accelerators seem to work fine, is there something to worry about?

    3. I could not find APC and Eaccelerator (realtime) monitor tools anywhere, do you know any?

    4. What kind of Server Memory I/O Buffer an 8GB server should use?

    5. Which I/O Event Dispatcher do you recommend for RHEL 5 64-bit?

    6. GZIP Compression level is set to 6 by default installation, that seems fairly high. Have you tested impact of e.g. level 1 vs level 6?

    /edit: added

    7. How do I 301 redirect all's to

    Thanks! Looks good so far!
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  2. mistwang

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    1. No. You need to upgrade manually, however the binary for the new release is available.
    2. It should be fine, APC for 64bit is available.
    3. You need to get them from their source package, for now.
    4. Depends on how many concurrent requests for dynamic content is served and the same of the responses. You can try anything you want.
    5. epoll, "best" on linux 2.6 is "epoll".
    6. You can save some CPU recycles by using level 1, or get a little bit better compression with level 6.
    7. Use a rewrite rule to test value of "Host" header is the easiest solution.

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