Steps for Litespeed Enterprise integrate with cPanel

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    Hello There,

    We have one VPS with cPanel and apache configured on it with more than 50 live websites hosted on it. We want to integrate Litespeed Enterprise with exiting cPanel server. Let me know how may we need to proceed? If you can provide me any documentation for how to integrate LiteSpeed Web server with cPanel then it would be great for us.
    Also let me know how it works with cPanel and What we have to do or take care after or before this integration.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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    Hi Thanks for below response.

    Can you please let me know once after successfully convert cPanel to Litespeed web server, then do have I make any changes for existing websites or it will be automatically convert into Litespeed and live automatically?

    Appreciate your quick response.


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