Thanks for supporting PrestaShop

I had major issues with delay of the firsts https request on my site which is on a pretty good shared server.
I optimized it in all possible ways through the back-end. I put the site on Cloudflare, added custom mod_headers.c, optimized the db tables... Even if that helped, specially the db optimization, I was still not happy as before and even to some extend after I was getting a 10-20 seconds of TTFB delay (waiting time) from the request to server.
As I saw there was nothing more I could do, I thought about getting a HTML caching module from PrestaShop, but was recommended by TMDhosting to try the Litespeed module. As it was free and communicates directly with your installation of LiteSpeed Web Server, I wanted to get that one before considering a 3rd party module.
Thanks, I'm happy now my site is fully loaded within 2-3 seconds. Please keep the support rolling for PrestaShop!


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Hello I´m student of IT technologies and my father bought a website (Prestashop). And I wanted to learn more about web development and help him because he has nothing on that site so I need to start from a scratch. So I wanted to ask if anyone could help me find some tutorials or courses on prestashop.
Thank you for your replies.
This forum is for LiteSpeed web server support. For PrestaShop help please use PrestaShop forum or any other related source.