Thinking of experimenting Litespeed with low setup costs, questions!

Discussion in 'General' started by priceline, May 22, 2009.

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    Hello, I am new here..

    I am thinking of offering litespeed to my hosting clients. I noticed standard edition is free with max of 5 virtual directories and 150 concurrent connections. So probably this will be enough for my initial testing. Once i get more than 4 clients (5 with my site), I can upgrade to enterprise server.

    So, now my questions are:
    1) If for some reason, i need more than 150 concurrent connections, How is it work? will it maintain in the queue and serve once the connections are freed up? or can i divert the traffic to apache in these cases?

    2) How difficult is the upgrade once i have 5 clients, i guess it is just configuration chage?

    3) What do I expect support point of view? I am on managed server, so they take care of administration of LAMP, but this case i doubt they provide any indepth support. Does it run pretty stable once the optimizations done initially?

    4) I am using cPanel, any guide or link to setup litespeed and apache side by side?

    5) I have another site, which gets around 200k hits per month(not more than 100 concurrent connections). It was developed on Drupal CMS, do you guys think standard edition is enough for this?

    6) I need to have opcode cache enabled, i guess it can be done through configuration.
    6) Any other risks in my plan?

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