Thoughts about Litespeed and cyberpanel?

I'm building a wordpress/woocommerce site But also a mobile app Litespeed and their panel sounded appealing to me since i dont have the knowledge nor the resources for customizing Apache so i think i will settle for litespeed.... Their free plan includes the server with 2gb ram limit so because of that for my first few months I'll go hostwinds manged VPS 2GB 50gbssd 2Tb for 7$ a month (ik it will go up) Have cloudflare and jetpack both free plan for csn security .etc Use firebase for push notifications and auth Maybe have realtime database omegle xender (blockchain like) backed by firebase or google cloud maybe if that's possible? Maybe slightly drifted spart from the main question but am i missing anything important here or doing something so stupid? And what are your thoughts on litespeed ?or go to apache or ngix?
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