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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by dotpro, Jan 3, 2012.

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    I decided to install and trial version on my server to see if it helps with performance. Here are server details and what I've done so far:

    CPU: Dual Processor Quad Core Xeon 5520 - 2.26GHz (Nehalem) - 2 x 8MB cache w/HT
    Memory: 12GB ram
    hard drive type/configuration: 4x 147GB SAS 15k in RAID-10, Adaptec 5405 Card
    Linux: CentOS 5.4 64bit
    Webserver: Apache/2.2.14 (now its LiteSpeed 4.1)
    PHP version: PHP 5.2.9
    MySQL version: 5.0.85-community

    Applications in use
    Wordpress, vBulletin and PhotoPost

    Early last year, I started using CDN along with W3 Total Cache... all the compression and gzipped crap looks good when you see the sourcecode and on pagespeed but it didn't help. Maybe, it did help a little but over all, the wordpress home page still loads slow and under Google Webmaster > site performance > site still takes 5-7 seconds to load...

    The vBulletin side wasn't really a concern before the move as it was running fine with xcache+vbSEO.

    I installed LiteSpeed using the cpanel/whm plugin last week and disabled xCache since in php.ini file. vBulletin performance is extremely good, everything is fast for 4 or 5 vBulletin forums on same server. The wordpress performance is bit of a worry for me. The internal (wp) pages load okay but homepage/index page takes sometime (same as before). I do not see any improvement in that even with W3 Total Cache. I have the cache settings to Disk:enhanced as xCache was disabled.

    I am not seeing any improvement either on google webmaster tools site load times and other tools around the net for homepage AFTER installing LiteSpeed... one site moved from 5-6 seconds to 18 seconds!!!!!

    I also tried basic cache settings for LS and It doesn't seem to work (posted in that thread here).

    I am not sure what I'm missing with the configuration?

    Do I need to change settings in httpd.conf or php.ini for optimal performance?

    Do I need to manually create virtual hosts in LS as I don't see them populated when looking under Virtual Hosts link in LS?

    Should "out of the box" settings work, what can be changed safely without breaking stuff?

    Is there a "template" for using LS with wordpress and/or Wordpress+cache plugins?

    Hope to get some feedback and answers!

    I am not linux admin type of guy by profession (microsoft/cisco/vmware is my area) but I can walk around it, do what I can learn and learn what I can do. ;)

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  2. NiteWave

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    if there are only a few virtual hosts on your server, you can run php as nobody for better performance. and you can still enable xcache.

    "W3 Total Cache" should work, if not, try wp supercache. the page load should be quite fast. 18 seconds absolutely slow.
  3. dotpro

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    Php is running as nobody.

    I'm trying wp super cache now, it does improve performance a lot but I miss the Total Cache's minify settings. I guess I will have to work around that.

    Another issue I noticed is that, LS restarts a lot, what is the cause for that? I see many threads on the issue but no real explanation as to why it does that.
  4. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

    restarting many times, usually happen on share-hosting environment, when add/remove a domain, log truncate etc may cause a restart, especially there may be thousands of virtual hosts on a physical server. it's not litespeed specific issue. in fact, litespeed may restart less comparing with apache in this case.

    for a server only has a few virtual hosts, it's not rare no restart for a few days or a few weeks --- it mainly depends on the web apps running on these vhosts.
  5. dotpro

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    I've had this particular server for over 2 years, before that I've switched servers which i used for same websites (not in hosting business) and never had an issue where apache would just restart on its own every 60-120 minutes.

    I have only few websites hosted on this server and I not adding domains/subdomains all the time (in fact, haven't added one in past 30 days).

    As far as vHosts, I do not see any in the Virtual Hosts section of the admin console. Does it matter?

    I've setup cache but it doesn't appear to be working either. In addition to making changes in LS, are there other files that need to be changed?
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  6. dotpro

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    My server doesn't have the mod_cache module installed. Can I rebuild apache while LS is running?
  7. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

    in admin console, click on "Actions", you'll see all vhosts from httpd.conf and native hosts.

    it should be ok. however, to enable litespeed page cache, you don't need install mod_cache module for apache.

    need investigate the restart issue case by case. I managed some lsws servers with native vhosts only. some of them can run months without restart.
  8. dotpro

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    Ok, i've been reading this thread:

    Tried different settings and im not able to get cache to work... no hits on cache either.

    I am going to keep Super Cache for a while, its been getting good load times with tests, yet to see what Google Webmaster > Site Performance link thinks about it.

    Do I need different .htaccess rules for LS cache to work with WP Super Cache or the default that come with WP Super Cache work? MOst of the threads are not clear on that.

    After rebuilding Apache/PhP, and restarting both apachy and LS, now I am able to see all the domains hosted on the server. Before I could only see just 4 or 5 even when selecting ALL in real time stats. Why?

    Thank you
  9. NiteWave

    NiteWave Administrator

    since WP Super already do same things as lsws page cache, so no need enable lsws page cache for site with WP Super Cache enabled. it's possible to enable lsws page cache only for a wordpress blog, but we haven't tried the rewrite rules etc yet(for wordpress only).

    for cache, wiki is a good resource

    We try to update it continuously base on feedback.
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