Two Problems: Tomcat & Frontpage

Discussion in 'General' started by mysitegroup, Mar 15, 2009.

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    We have purchased a 8-core Enterprise license.

    We have two problems we really need help with right away.

    Both problems do not exist if we switch web servers back to Apache. They are only problems when using LiteSpeed.

    We use PHP suEXEC.

    #1) Frontpage

    I checked the forums, and did what was indicated there (a) turned on Frontpage in Litespeed b) changed the permissions as indicated for the frontpage file) but frontpage still does not work.

    Apache running, works fine. Switch to Litespeed, and it stops working.

    One of our customers is going totally crazy about this. We host 50 domains for him, so we really need to get this working.

    Please help!

    #2) TomCat

    I did not see much in the forums about this. But with Apache running, and the servets installed on the domain it works.

    Switching to Litespeed, and it stops working.

    Please help as soon as you can with the above two issues.

    Warm regards.
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    I opened a ticket with LiteSpeed support - and they said they would help.

    Thanks LiteSpeed.

    Warm regards.
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    LiteSpeed Support fixed both my problems (Frontpage and TomCat) quickly and professionally.

    Thank you LiteSpeed Support!

    So far, we are loving LiteSpeed - and my customers love it too! Many comments on the improved speed!

    For those who care, our hardware is:
    DUAL QUAD Xeons 3.0Ghz
    64GB RAM
    12 300GB 15K SAS Drives in a RAID 10 Array
    1 Gigabit Ports

    Warm regards and thanks again LiteSpeed!

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