[uds://tmp/lshttpd/lsphp5.sock] Request in process stage, fail with 503

Discussion in 'General' started by danyclaut, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. masood_y

    masood_y Well-Known Member

    My litespeedtech version is 4.0.9 now.
    But i have 503 error (random) too.
    Help me please.
  2. harrinp1

    harrinp1 Member

    I'm also seeing issues with 4.0.9 on OS X with PHP 5.2.10.
  3. harrinp1

    harrinp1 Member

    I've done a fresh install of 4.0.9 and php 5.2.10 and all is now working again.
  4. robfrew

    robfrew Well-Known Member

    If you are seeing 503 errors, most of the time, it means something is causing PHP to not respond back to LSWS, thus issuing the 503.

    Here are a few tips that I normally try to figure things out:

    First thing to do, is disable XCache, Eacclerator or any other opcode caching system and restart LSWS. Check to see if the problem persists.

    If you are using any PHP modules, disable them and restart LSWS to see if they may be causing the issues. Remember, whenever you update to another version of PHP, you need to update any modules you have installed as well.

    Turn on debugging in LSWS. Analyze your log files, both PHP error logs and LSWS logs. Try to pinpoint which files may be causing your 503 errors if any. If the file that causes the 503 errors is using mysql connections, you may have a timeout issue with MySql.

    Check your php.ini file. What are your 'max_execution_time' and 'memory_limit' settings set to? You may need to increase them slightly, however, if you need to increase them above 180 seconds and/or 128mb, respectively, you really need to look at your script and change things. Those values are too high.

    If you are doing some type of large processing with PHP, such as video conversion, offload the process and call it externally using cron or something like that.

    AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, if you make any changes to php.ini, or your LSWS settings, make sure you RESTART LSWS for the changes to take affect.

    I hope that helps some of you a little, it has helped me. Most of the time, when you are getting 503 errors, it is not LSWS but rather what is connecting to LSWS.
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  5. anewday

    anewday Moderator

    Also worth noting that php 5.2.10 has some issues.
  6. masood_y

    masood_y Well-Known Member

  7. masood_y

    masood_y Well-Known Member

    Help me please.
    My server is very unstable!
  8. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Please PM me a temp root access to your server, I will take a look.
  9. masood_y

    masood_y Well-Known Member

    Check your pm please.
  10. csdco

    csdco Member

    I understand that 503 typically means PHP has fatally crashed, but why is Litespeed taking over and displaying the error instead of letting PHP display a blank page or an error?
  11. webizen

    webizen Well-Known Member

    Litespeed adds its own handling to minimize 503s and improve server/PHP stability.
  12. csdco

    csdco Member

    Thanks for the info, I had figured that was happening. Is there any documentation or settings available in this regard, or is this part of litespeed hard-coded? Can I replace the 503 page with my own page?

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