uid, gid warnings, and vhosts not showing up in panel

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by djsodom, Nov 20, 2006.

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    I'm experimenting with running litespeed on Amazon's EC2. I have a couple of basic questions.

    Preliminary Stuff:

    I installed litespeed (as root I believe) and was able to create a virtual host using the EasyRailswithSuEXEC. I was able to get to the welcome screen of my rails app.

    Now some EC2 stuff. I bundled my AMI image so I could keep using it. Saved it to s3, registered it, and then restarted it. No problems.

    When I restart my EC2 instance and restart litespeed, I can still access the admin panel and my rails app. I'm logged in as root.

    1. I am getting a couple of warnings that my uid and gid are smaller than minimum. I tried changing it from 11 & 10 to 0, but got error messages saying its got to be at least 11 and 10. How can I satisfy this error message?

    2. though I successfully created my virtual host using the EasyRailsWithSuEXEC, I don't see it anywhere under server configuration nor do I see the listener. Is this normal?

    3. Forgive me. I'm a noob regarding permissions. Should I have installed litespeed as a non-root account and then run it under that account? I've searched the forums and wiki and just got more confused.

    thanks very much,

  2. mistwang

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    It will be the best, if you create a dedicate user/group like "lsws/lsws" for running just LiteSpeed Web Server. Makde sure the UID and GID is greater than 10. This may fix your 1st and 3rd problem.

    Please pay attention to the UID/GID of public/ folder of you rails app, should not owned by root, should be owned by a normal user. This may be related to you first question.

    For creating vhost through template, if you want to see the vhost config and listener mapping, you can instantiate the vhost.

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