URGENT: all php requests suddenly failing

Discussion in 'General' started by gcaplan, Dec 9, 2008.

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    We have an *urgent* problem with our enterprise server.

    Running on the current CentOS with PHP5 though the LSAPI.

    It's been running fine for months.

    Made an innocuous change to the php.ini file and restarted LS from the command line.

    From that point, static files have been served OK, but all dynamic files give a 503 response.

    Server and all virtual servers start-stop-restart without error in the server error log.

    Site access log on debug gives this error:

    43 2008-12-09 14:22:55.932 [INFO] [] connection to [uds://tmp/lshttpd/lsphp.sock] on request #0, Connection reset by peer!
    44 2008-12-09 14:22:55.934 [INFO] [] connection to [uds://tmp/lshttpd/lsphp.sock] on request #0, Connection reset by peer!
    45 2008-12-09 14:22:55.937 [INFO] [] connection to [uds://tmp/lshttpd/lsphp.sock] on request #0, Connection reset by peer!
    46 2008-12-09 14:22:55.937 [NOTICE] [] oops! 503 Service Unavailable

    Undid the change in php.ini, not that it could have been the cause. Even restarted the entire server.

    There have been no server config changes for months. No yum updates since the last LS restart.

    This is a production server and many sites are out.

    We need a *rapid* resolution if we are to continue using LS.

    Have contacted support direct, and am posting here in well to max the chances of a rapid response.


  2. gcaplan

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    Hi folks

    I got through to support by phone - problem solved...


  3. anewday

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    What was the problem, anyway?
  4. gcaplan

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    Php was crashing - since the last server restart I'd inadvertently removed an obscure library that the LiteSpeed php5 compile seems to need.

    It was recorded in the std.err log, which I managed somehow to misread.

    So, entirely my fault. Tech support were very helpful in pointing me in the right direction...


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