We paid for the config and optimisation server. Yesterday an employee came on to our site and switched off all of the optimisations and told me to deactivate cloudflare. It has been over 24 hours and I have had NO reply and no one on site to finish the job.

I was VERY clear this is a live trading site with traffic and sales going through it continually. I now have a bounce rate of 80% today no sales, unhappy customers from not being able to get on the site to see their order tracking. Our speed rating is 5%!

I have opened an urgent ticket no reply. I have replied to our original ticket no reply. This is not acceptable, someone needs to resolve this immediately or you will be faced with financial compensation for loss to our business. If our top positions on google are lost that will be in the 10's of thousands for you.

This is completely unacceptable. Resolve this immediately.
While they do offer support, it's not a support that you may rely on when it comes to day to day maintenance.

Their solutions are solid. Support is good too. But just on the slow side.

Your best bet would probably be to find some specialized SysAdmin to support you with tasks that requires immediate attention.