Using both Litespeed & Apache at same time

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr_Parham, Sep 2, 2012.

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    I use a script called Xfilesharing, it's quite a complicated and messy script i would say but work perfectly, the problem i had while ago was not being able to remote upload large files as i mentioned this topic

    But as you can see i managed to solve the problem by simply increasing the tmp size but for some reason this problem came back again and i can not find a way around it, so i was wondering if it is possible to run apache on port 8080 and litespeed on port 80 to be able to remote upload using apache but download and load the files using litespeed (In the setting i can force the uploads to be on a different port but i cannot do that with downloads and that's why i need to have apache on port 8080)

    PS- I'm using cpanel
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    it should be possible, but need be familiar with Xfilesharing

    We'd like to know where the problem is. but it's a bit difficult since need monitor the site for a long time because of randomly happen.
    p.s., what's your lsws version, and have you tried force-reinstall to latest version ?

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