v3.3 PHP build - define some default compile parameters

Discussion in 'Feedback/Feature Requests' started by brrr, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. brrr

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    Just checking out 3.3 Std's Compile PHP feature. Very handy.

    But in compiling PHP 5, I note that the 'Configure Parameters' box is empty.

    What does this mean? Does this mean a compile of PHP 5 without specifying anything here will result in a 'skeleton' PHP with minimal functionality?

    If yes, while I recognize that most folks will probably want to dump in their own extensive list of config parameters for the PHP 5 compilation process to use, others will just be happy to use a core set of parameters, to get started with at least. Kind of like the way the built-in 4.4.7 works - it has a core set of parameters already defined and 'built-in', which is very handy and may be enough to satisfy the needs of 90% of LWSW users.

    Can I 'feature' request that a default set of useful compile parameters (eg including GD support, MySQL etc) be specified in the 'Configure Parameters' box or be built in 'under the hood' to be used where the user specifies nothing here.

    Doing this would save LSWS admins some PHP 'compile options research time' and some compilation trial-and-error time too.

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