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Discussion in 'Apache Migration/Compatibility' started by fiddler, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. fiddler

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    We currently have a site that runs on an Apache server. The site has a shop that relies on .htaccess to protect the products. We're considering a switch to a server that runs Litespeed, but have some concerns about the translation of the .htaccess files since I see from various posts here that the syntax is somewhat different.

    1. Does Litespeed even use .htaccess files or is there a different way to accomplish the same task?

    2. If LS does read .htaccess files, is there a wiki or tutorial of some kind that can help with translating Apache->Litespeed?

    Thank you for any replies.
  2. ffeingol

    ffeingol Well-Known Member

    We've had just about no problems with LSWS working with .htaccess files. Might help if you tell us a bit more about what is in the .htaccess etc.
  3. anewday

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    There is no need to translate the .htaccess from Apache for it to work with Litespeed. Maybe in some odd cases where a rule needs to be tweaked. That's one of the big selling points.
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  4. fiddler

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    Thanks very much for your replies. You have removed one of our concerns about the switch. Now we can get down to making the switch.

    Thanks again.

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